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Everything You Need to Know About Bujo (Bullet Journal)

Have you downloaded a notes app on your mobile? Do you like to create lists on your whiteboard? Do you even write down notes on your laptop? The main goal of these list-making activities is to keep your notes organized. Still, the productivity apps do not give you the desired solution. So, the best alternative is to start bullet journaling. 

What is BuJo?

BuJo or bullet journal works as a diary, a to-do list or a daily planner. It is an analog journaling strategy developed by Ryder Carroll, a reputed New York-based designer. Carroll considers it the process of tracking the past and organizing the present. Simultaneously, you may create plans for your future.

As a daily log, a bullet journal helps you track your appointments, everyday project deadlines, and important tasks.

To use the bullet journal as a monthly calendar, you can use it for recording shorter-term goals.

Used as future logs, BuJo allows you to record your aspirations and plans.

The journal should also have an index with a list of pages where you can add page numbers and descriptions. You can also customize the monthly log based on your needs. While tracking every task, you have to incorporate a dot (•).

A few tips for bullet journaling

  • Choose a notebook that works as a bullet journal. There is no need to find a notebook with separate sections or a fancy design. It will allow you to personalize the journal in your own way.
  • The index section should be the first part of your journal.
  • Keep the content organized with bullet points and other signifiers
  • Maintain simplicity in the design, as you can do embellishments in the future. However, some users like to make artistic designs for making their bullet journals.
  • Organize your goals into various categories. Before creating a random bullet point list, you have to lump up everything. It will allow you to categorize tasks by their types. For instance, you can note down headings like ‘Creative Goals’ and ‘Work Goals’.
  • Never be concerned about achieving perfection. Making mistakes is a part of the bullet journaling process.
  • If you want to create a complicated layout, you may use a pencil first.
  • The pending tasks can be transferred to the list for the next month. When you have done any task, you have to cross it instantly.
  • Include long-term tasks in your future logs.

Physical versus digital bullet journals

Both physical and virtual versions of bullet journals are advantageous. You can use your physical notebooks for bullet journaling. Use BuJo stickers to show your creativity. Most people believe that writing notes manually allows them to improve their memory. It is the best choice for those who want to track events with BuJo.

But, the biggest advantage of digital bullet journals is that you can access them from any place. Some apps allow you to add doodles to notes. Bullet journaling lets you gather your feelings and thoughts in a single place.

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