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What are the Placement Options After BSc Biotechnology?

These days science and technology have made remarkable innovations in every field. Similarly, a unique combination of biology and technology makes a new subject famously known as Biotechnology. 

Careers opportunities after a BSc in biotechnology

There are multiple jobs available for students who have finished their  BSc degree in biotechnology. Students can choose to work in a specific role depending on their interest level, skills and aptitude for the role. You may pursue any of these career opportunities after completing your BSc in biotechnology:

1. Lab Technician

A Lab Assistant is a person who works in a laboratory. He is responsible for doing laboratory tests, preparing samples, and producing correct and reliable error-free data. They work with the lab team and also ensure efficient operations and provide valid results of the collections. 

He also performs laboratory tests, prepares samples, and produces accurate and reliable data. Lab technicians follow procedures, adhere to safety guidelines, and maintain equipment. They are the responsible people to handle all the equipment in the laboratory. They ensure that all the safety measures are followed while analysing the tests of the given samples and provide valid results of the sample.

2. Microbiologist

A microbiologist is a scientist who studies microscopic organisms, their processes and their living behaviour. Microbiology is a huge discipline in itself and it has a wide scale of subjects that includes a wide range from molecular and cellular levels to community. As an example, at molecular and cellular levels, microbiology includes topics like genetics, proteomics, physiology, pathology and many others. At community and infrastructure levels, microbiology also includes subjects like epidemiology. Many microbiologists work in scientific research in government and private sectors especially pharmaceutical companies and continue to specialise in a specific area within microbiology where they work towards interpreting behaviours and impacts of microorganisms on plants, animals, humans, and the environment.

3. Biostatistician

Biostatistics is a field that applies statistical methods and mathematical principles to analyse and evaluate research data in public health, medicine, environmental science, biology etc. By using statistical formulas and concepts, biostatistics interprets experimental results and collected data, then provides explanations and recommendations as per the result of their research.

Biostatisticians can work in accompanying different experts like health specialists, surgeons, biologists, statisticians and geneticists. For their clinical trial work and good clinical practice for the safety of the patients.

4. Epidemiologist

Epidemiologists play a very important role in the public health sector, as they try to understand diseases, their causes, symptoms and patterns to prevent future negative outcomes of the diseases.

Epidemiologists specifically study disease outbreaks and their effects on them and find resolution methods to effectively treat them. Mostly these professionals work in government organisations. These professionals help to control various infections, pandemics, bio-terrorism etc.

5. Biochemist

Biochemists are specialised in analysing and understanding the chemical reactions that take place within a living organism. Biochemists study cell growth, DNA, and even various types of diseases. Biochemists work in research labs, classrooms, healthcare settings, and many other private and government workplaces.

6. Medical Representative

After completing his BSc in biotechnology one can also become a Medical representative as it is also one of the most demanding jobs in the medical industry. In this job an individual has to represent various products manufactured by various pharma companies like medicines and other clinical equipment used in treatment and diagnostic centres. This is a well-paid job and can be easily grabbed as every pharma or medical equipment manufacturing company requires them to promote their products.

7. Medical writer

One can also become a medical writer for various hospitals, medical institutes or any pharmaceutical company as they require candidates to write descriptions and explanations of their products to reach maximum customers. This is also a well-paid and reputed job. In this job profile, one has to provide information about the various diseases, medicinal descriptions and medical equipment explanations. In this job profile, you will get a chance to utilise your educational skills and knowledge and if you have good knowledge you can easily grab this job opportunity.

Why choose a career in biotechnology?

Pursuing a career in biotechnology is a good opportunity for students to work in one of the most innovative and fascinating fields available. Biotechnologists play an important role in the research and development of various important scientific disciplines in various areas, such as genetics, biochemistry, biology, agriculture, environmental protection, medicine and other different critical fields. If you love to study science and mathematics, a career in biotechnology can allow you to contribute to cutting-edge products and be involved in new advanced technologies that help to improve people’s quality of life.

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