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Choosing the Right Performing Arts Camp: What Every Parent Needs to Know

Selecting the right performing arts camp for your child can be a challenging yet incredibly rewarding experience. With so many options available, each offering its unique blend of activities and training, how do you make an informed choice? This guide aims to shed light on essential considerations to help parents choose the perfect performing arts summer camp for their children.

Assess Interests and Skill Levels

Before diving into research, evaluate your child’s interests and skill levels. Some camps offer a broad spectrum of performing arts—dance, music, theatre—while others may focus solely on one aspect. Knowing your child’s passion will enable you to find a camp that aligns with their interests.

Curriculum and Structure

Understanding the curriculum and daily schedule can provide insights into what your child will learn. A well-rounded camp will typically incorporate both practical and theoretical elements, striking a balance between creative play and structured lessons. Take the time to find out if the curriculum aligns with your child’s interests and learning goals.

Qualified Staff and Instructors

Expertise and experience matter a great deal in performing arts education. Look for camps with qualified instructors who have credible backgrounds in teaching and the arts. Take the extra step to read reviews, ask for references, or even meet with staff to gauge their aptitude and approach.

Facilities and Equipment

Your child will be spending a considerable amount of time at the camp, so facilities are an important consideration. Ensure that the venue has clean, safe, and adequately equipped spaces for your child to learn and play. For specialised activities, such as dance or music production, professional-grade facilities are a must.

Peer Interaction and Group Sizes

A performing arts camp offers more than just skills; it’s a platform for social interaction and teamwork. Inquire about the group sizes and the average age range of attendees. Smaller groups can provide more individual attention, while a diverse age range can offer varied interaction, promoting a richer learning environment.

Safety Measures

Health and safety should be your top priority. Make sure the camp follows strict safety protocols, including first-aid measures, background checks on staff, and a well-defined system for drop-offs and pick-ups.

Budget and Scholarships

Performing arts camps can vary in price based on their offerings. Keep your budget in mind and inquire about payment plans or scholarships that might be available. Often, camps provide financial aid options that can make attendance more affordable.

Reviews and Testimonials

Word-of-mouth recommendations and online reviews can offer invaluable perspectives. Speak with parents who have enrolled their children in the camp before, or search for reviews online to get an unbiased opinion on the camp’s reputation.


Choosing the right performing arts summer camp can significantly impact your child’s artistic journey. From the expertise of the staff to the scope of the curriculum, multiple factors contribute to the overall experience. By following this guide, you can feel confident in making an informed decision that aligns with both your child’s interests and your expectations. Your child’s summer may well become an unforgettable experience of growth, learning, and artistic discovery.

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